Donald Trump is Not Who We Are

To defeat Donald Trump, we need to build a movement from the bottom-up, in every corner of the country. We can’t leave it to politicians or the media - it’s up to us to take a stand and to protect our friends and co-workers most at risk from mass deportations, religious bans and other forms of hate.

Starting an open letter is a powerful way to show that patriotic Americans are coming together, from all walks of life, all political beliefs and all racial and religious backgrounds, to affirm the values that make us who we are: diversity, openness and compassion.

Take a stand against Trump's brand of hate: Create an open letter to rally members of your company, place of worship, civic or affinity group to say, “Donald Trump is Not Who We Are”.

Once you’ve launched your open letter, we will be with you every step of the way, from getting your colleagues to sign on to getting your letter media attention so you can have the most impact.

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  • Alumni of University of Wisconsin-Madison say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    Alumni associations generally steer clear of partisan politics, but this goes beyond party and beyond politics. The normalization of hate has made it a matter of ethics to take a stand on this campaign.
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    Created by Diana Finnegan
  • Donald J Trump is the Antithesis of the Spirit of Scouting and America
    The Boy Scouts of America help shape young men into leaders of tomorrow. The behavior and attitudes of Mr. Trump are not to be emulated, but out right rejected. Our boys need to have a positive model, something which Mr. Trump certainly is NOT.
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    Created by Nick DeWitt
  • Members of the Harry Potter Fan Community say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    The Harry Potter fan community is one whose lives -- not just in fandom spaces, but in the world at large -- are shaped by the themes and messages in Harry Potter and the movement surrounding it. To be a Harry Potter fan is to know that loving something means doing everything in your power to make it better -- and, yes, greater. Harry Potter fans, with their tirelessly imaginative fan art, fanfiction, and discussion, have turned this little world they hold so close into a movement carving out representation where it did not originally exist. We've seen how powerful story has be. We can make change by sharing ours. To love these stories is to know that good triumphs, but not without hard work. We have so much work to do. Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is, and he is not who we are.
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    Created by Claudia Morales Picture
  • Christian Millennials say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    I am a Christian millennial and a political independent. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past, and I have never felt a devotion to a political party. I am devoted to my faith and have always viewed my actions in the voting booth (and political action beyond) as a chance to put my faith in action. I’ve always approached voting and political advocacy as a chance to express my most dearly held values--justice, peace, love, and solidarity. Do I believe that the government is the answer to injustice, violence, and inequality? Absolutely not, but I know that the decisions made in the White House affect everyone's house...even beyond our borders. In my view, a Christian’s role is to ensure that government does the least harm to people and our planet and does the most to promote and protect the flourishing of all, particularly our vulnerable brothers and sisters. There is no political party based on these values, which is why I’ve always felt discomfort with the partisanship of the evangelicals of the generation before me. In fact, the current extreme partisanship of pastors and Christian leaders has turned off so many of my peers from politics. The marriage of evangelical Christians and conservative politics is inconsistent, not about Christian values, and most importantly not so compatible with Biblical values. Thus, many millennials have turned our away from politics. Even before this particularly unappetizing election cycle, it was common to hear things like: “My hope is in Jesus, not the government” “I’m a citizen of the Kingdom--what happens in ‘Babylon’ doesn't matter to me” “Real change happens on the ground, not in Washington” Many of us are disenchanted...or were simply never enchanted. This particular election has greatly deepened our dissatisfaction. We see our country becoming more and more divided in the midst of real and felt challenges in our world. And during this fray, we see many of our “leaders” supporting a man who has taken politics to a new moral low. Donald Trump has built his candidacy on racism, sexism, fear, anger, and lies. It breaks my heart to see leaders of my faith falling in line behind him. No matter how tempting it is to crawl under a rock until after the election, we need to send a message--Donald Trump and his religious leaders do not represent us. Jerry Falwell Jr., James Dobson, and Franklin Graham don’t speak for us, and they certainly don’t speak for Jesus. This doesn’t mean you have to vote for Hillary Clinton, but those of us who feel guided by our faith toward love and justice need to speak out. And to those outside our faith watching our leaders align themselves with Donald Trump, let me clarify who we are. We denounce sexism of any kind, and certainly sexual assault, a criminal offense that plagues millions of our sisters in this country. There is no excuse for this vile behavior or rhetoric in our political dialogue or society. We know that immigration is complex and therefore the solution is complex, but we must be driven by compassion. Donald Trump demonizes immigrants and pledges to mass deport families, children, and vulnerable people. This is not who we are. Our hearts break for refugees, and we welcome them with open arms. Donald Trump wants to keep all of them out, and this is the exact opposite in spirit and word to the Biblical call to “welcome the stranger.” We think climate change is real, impacting people's lives right now, and we want our next president to fight for a solution. Donald Trump promises to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement and thinks climate change is a conspiracy created by the Chinese government. We believe black lives matter, and that racial injustice has infected the systems of our nation and therefore must be systematically dismantled. Donald Trump calls Black Lives Matter activists (which includes some of us) a threat and vows to investigate and shut down this movement. We are guided by the Biblical call to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. Donald Trump seems to be guided by fear, racism, and an alarming and dangerous arrogance. There is no perfect candidate, but Donald Trump’s candidacy is a unique affront to our values as followers of Jesus, and we cannot remain silent as our leaders and others line up to support him. The stakes are higher right now than ever because not only are the policies and practices of our President up for grabs but also our culture. Will we be governed by fear or by love? As tempting as it is, please don’t sit this one out.
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    Created by Jason Fileta
  • Clergy say: Donald Trump’s disrespect of Flint Pastor is Not Who We Are
    Today, Donald Trump made several disrespectful remarks about Reverend Green-Timmons, after she welcomed him to Bethel United Methodist Church, in Flint, Michigan, She said she invited Trump because her “church welcomes all people and cherished the opportunity to remind the nation about the crisis her city is coping with.” As Trump’s remarks veered off course to political attacks, Reverend Green-Timmons reminded him that he was not there to make a political speech, but to talk to her congregation about what Flint has been going through. Afterwards, Donald Trump made several disrespectful remarks depicting Reverend Green-Timmons as a ‘nervous mess.’ Donald Trump’s comments are disrespectful, his rhetoric is hateful, and his intolerance threatens the fabric of our communities. We denounce his disrespectful comments about Reverend Green-Timmons, and stand together to say that Donald Trump and his indecency and disrespect is Not Who We Are.
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    Created by Dr. Frantz Whitfield
  • Bernie Supporters Against Trump: Trump is Not Who We Are
    The lives of millions depend on this election and this movement. If Donald Trump becomes in charge, the middle class and working families of this country will only suffer more. Wages will drop, violence will increase, and – at the same time – the ultra-rich will become even more powerful. This cannot happen. And if we stand together, it will not happen.
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    Created by The Peoples Revolution Picture
  • Members of the Steven Universe Fan Community say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    This is important to the Steven Universe Fan Community because we must stand up for our rights and the rights of those who are most likely to be traumatically affected by Trump’s policies. We must embody Steven’s strength by standing up for our friends, no matter the cost. Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is and he is not who we are.
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    Created by Amanda Neumann Picture
  • Young Americans say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    I, as well as many other people, have been a target and a victim of many bullies. Bullies can make people's lives miserable, and can even cause people to commit suicide. Donald Trump is a bully that is known all over the world. It must change. We must defeat him. And together, we can. Donald Trump is Not Who Young Americans Are.
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    Created by Hayden Suarez-Davis
  • Space, science and tech geeks say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    Donald Trump said he thinks NASA is wonderful, and that America has always led the world in space exploration for nearly 60 years. However, Trump has shown he is incapable of showing space the love. In a New Hampshire town hall meeting last November, he said NASA was great in the old days, and there are bigger problems that NASA has to fix its potholes. In a May 2016 issue of Aerospace America, he responded to a question about NASA funding with his first priority being to restore a strong economic base to the country before having a discussion about spending. When it comes to science, technology and innovation, both of which nowadays play a crucial role in space exploration, Donald Trump has largely been silent. Every time he has spoken about the tech industry, his comments have sometimes been critical. This also applies to science as well, particularly on the subject of global warming, he views it as a hoax invented by the Chinese, but states that there is still much that needs to be investigated in the field of ‘climate change,’. And, Trump’s desire to direct funding to current challenges like infrastructure, rather than future-oriented scientific research or missions, shows he has skeptical of the future, given he builds his campaign on the imaginary past. All of this has demonstrated Trump’s apparent inability to grasp the realities and complexities of major scientific and technology issues facing America and the world. Speaking of Donald Trump’s policies, these are the antithesis of the tech industry but that seem to be resonating with larger portions of the disenfranchised middle class, including minorities. Renegotiating free trade will be damaging to businesses cost-effectively competing against others. Also, Trump has flip-flopped on the H1-B visa issue and attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for getting foreign talents Silicon Valley has been relying on. On security, he would err on its side, weighing national security interests far above the sanctity of the U.S. tech industry for fears of terrorism. All of this have shown that Trump is campaigning on fear of new people and new ideas and a fundamental belief that America is weak and in decline; that is why more than 140 Silicon Valley leaders penned an open letter denouncing Trump as a disaster for innovation. In the end, Donald Trump’s campaign and his resulting populist Trumpism will someday ignite a nuclear war he supports, and anti-technology social movements as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk warned last December. These, along with factional ferocities, street swarms, reflexive hostilities, fists flying, mobs and counter-mobs could potentially drive our technology level below where it’s possible, preventing humans from reaching milestones like landing an astronaut on Mars and other worlds in our solar system. Any individual attempting to smuggle, invent, possess, or develop science and technology became targets of hate crimes inflicted by politically legitimized criminals under the Trump administration. We strongly denounce his mercurial comments about science and technology, and stand together to say that Donald Trump is Not Who We Are and cannot solve problems as he is the problem.
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    Created by Bryan See Picture
  • Rochester
    Members of the Rochester Institute of Technology Community say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    We stand as RIT students to say that Donald Trump is not who we are. RIT values diversity and fosters an atmosphere of inclusion. We include 2,000 international students from 100 countries. We include 3,000 students of color. We include 1,200 deaf and hard of hearing students. We include students from all walks of life and we are proud to represent the pluralism and cross cultural collaboration that make this country great. Unfortunately, these values and commitments are not reflected in Donald Trump’s campaign. Instead, we see a campaign fueled on hateful rhetoric that seeks to divide us and pit us against one another. His words and actions stoke fear and encourage a racist fringe element. As RIT students, we say it is not what we stand for and it is not who we are.
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    Created by Sarah Bottini