Donald Trump is Not Who We Are

To defeat Donald Trump, we need to build a movement from the bottom-up, in every corner of the country. We can’t leave it to politicians or the media - it’s up to us to take a stand and to protect our friends and co-workers most at risk from mass deportations, religious bans and other forms of hate.

Starting an open letter is a powerful way to show that patriotic Americans are coming together, from all walks of life, all political beliefs and all racial and religious backgrounds, to affirm the values that make us who we are: diversity, openness and compassion.

Take a stand against Trump's brand of hate: Create an open letter to rally members of your company, place of worship, civic or affinity group to say, “Donald Trump is Not Who We Are”.

Once you’ve launched your open letter, we will be with you every step of the way, from getting your colleagues to sign on to getting your letter media attention so you can have the most impact.

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  • St Paul
    Members of the Minority (asian) Community say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    This is important as a member of the Minority (asian) community because Donald Trump is Not Who We Are.
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    Created by Zao Her
  • First Generation American Small Business Owners say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"
    I am the proud son of two immigrant parents from Russia and Argentina who came to America seeking a better life for their children and who rejected the politics of xenophobia, fear, dictatorship and social intolerance which sadly still prevail in Russia and which Donald Trump seems to celebrate through his support of Vladimir Putin! I run a business that values diversity, inclusion and tolerance and I try to instill these values to my family, employees and all members of the Brooklyn community. Now we must show that these values are worth standing up for so ensure that Donald Trump's hateful vision for our country never comes to fruition. Sincerely, Andrei Finocchiaro President, Greenwood Grape & Still.
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    Created by Andrei Finocchiaro
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