Bernie Supporters Against Trump: Trump is Not Who We Are

Bernie Supporters,

Throughout this movement of love and compassion, we have created real change across the United States. We have achieved a fifteen dollar minimum wage in California and New York. The Department of Justice has decided to end prisons-for-private. And we have exposed the corrupt campaign finance system that not only gives the ultra-rich control of the economy, but control over the government too. These are the issues that unite us.

Our revolution was always built with the intent of accepting people for who they are. We've had the mentality that if someone on this planet hurts, than so do we. We accept all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and age. We do not condemn the disabled or the pregnant. That is something that we should all be proud of.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his ultra-rich friends have a different view on things. They believe that wages in America are too high. They believe that private prisons are a good thing. And they believe that the problems we face are because of minority races and religions around the globe.

Day after day, the mainstream media talks about Donald Trump and what he said at a rally or what he did with his campaign. What we never hear about is the real problems that we face. Refugees who are fleeing violence and poverty in the Middle East are in need of a home. Mexicans who fled the drugs and crime in their home country fear being separated from their families everyday. The planet is being destroyed by the actions of oil companies and meanwhile the government isn't passing any serious regulations on these companies. Trump's solution? Ban Muslims from entering America, build a wall along the border, and surprisingly Donald Trump doesn't have a solution for climate change because he believes it is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Donald Trump is in many ways the complete opposite of what our movement stands for.

People are hurting. Veterans and those in poverty are living on the streets. Addiction is being treated as a criminal rather than health issue. Inner-city schools are crumbling and kids are not getting the education they deserve. Peaceful people are being exposed to violence around them. We cannot accept this, and we certainly cannot blame the problem on any minority group of people.

Stand with the millions of Bernie supporters who say that Donald Trump is Not Who We Are by signing the petition. If we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. We've already made great progress. Keep fighting, and turn that outrage burning in your bones into action. There's so much to be done, and giving up is not an option.

Bernie Supporters Against Trump

Why is this important?

The lives of millions depend on this election and this movement. If Donald Trump becomes in charge, the middle class and working families of this country will only suffer more. Wages will drop, violence will increase, and – at the same time – the ultra-rich will become even more powerful. This cannot happen. And if we stand together, it will not happen.

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  • "Those who voted for me will not support Trump who has made bigotry and divisiveness the cornerstone of his campaign." -Bernie Sanders July 22, 2016
  • Trump stinks


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