Members of the Game Developers Community say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

Members of the Game Developers Community say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

As a member of the game developing community, I invite all members, including programmers, artists, and writers, to stand together against the racial, religious and other intolerance that Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric promotes, including anti-technology and pro-war views. It is putting our community members' lives directly at grave risk.

There is no place for this kind of discrimination, ignorance and violence among our community, in America or elsewhere.

As a community, we affirm the values that make us who we are: diversity, openness and compassion.

Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is, and he is not who the game developers are.

Why is this important?

This is important as a member of the game developers community because we have listened to Donald Trump over more than a year with growing anxiety and we believe that Trump would be a disaster for game development, given the fact that he is bad for tech (and space for that matter) and has ties to organized crime. His vision stands against the open exchange of ideas, free movement of people, and productive engagement with the outside world in favor of his unpredictably isolationist, protectionist, anti-progress, anti-modernization, anti-tech, pro-Russia and pro-war views.

Particularly, his views on war with nuclear weapons are particularly terrifying. Trump doesn't rule out using nukes on Europe, and insisted that other countries such as Japan and Saudi Arabia make them. He also has shown that he is unstable at most times, leading him to launch a nuclear attack against any country in any given moment.

His Russia-friendly stance, as given by his repeated admiration of President Vladimir Putin is chilling. Also, a loud-mouthed Russian ultra-nationalist politician that is the leader of Russia's political party LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who, despite being part of Russian opposition, is widely seen as a servant of Kremlin policy used to float radical opinions to test public reaction, is similar to Trump itself, and wants Americans to vote for Trump or face nuclear war which will end with millions of Americans dead and the US in ruins, with no Internet and space missions such as SpaceX's Interplanetary Transport System is totally ruined.

Regardless of the outcome of this year's election, all of this will lead to our technological level being driven down below where it was posible, and the creation of an atmosphere where hate and lawlessness dominates whatever left of humanity, and that would be Russia as the mafia authoritarian nation-state left standing. Criminals will be everywhere, be it paid thugs, thieves, and contract killers. Lies and hypocrisy will be everywhere. Our planet will be unrecognizable in every aspect at a minimum. The English language will be extinct along with other languages save for the Russian language. There are no names left to remind anyone that there's ever been today's world. At a maximum, there is no progress but stagnation, oppression and corruption. Nothing ever changes, as journalist Oleg Kashin lamented, with tomorrow being the same, and the day after tomorrow, and after that, and forever. We tell you this not to be alarmist, but because, based on everything we know, we are ourselves alarmed. Russia has the capability to end life on the planet with instant impunity, given its new weapons making retaliation instant, undetectable and overwhelmingly lethal, especially if Trump loses in November.

Nuclear war is not the only immediate grave concern that stops game development. Trump is anti-technology, and he seems to call for the Internet ban, and invite Russia to conduct cyber attacks on US institutions, including the Democratic National Committee. He, like Putin, is a technophobe who views the entire internet and computer ages as a "mixed bag" and thinks people should wean off both the Internet and computers, a move that goes well with not only Putin, but also individuals, including those who go by the name of "BatteryIncluded" on Wikipedia and "forcedmemefred" on Cheezburger's Know Your Meme. Trumpism could lead to creation of anti-tech movements which uses violence against those who invents and possesses tech, and it could be bad for game development.

As humans, as Americans, and as game developers, we continue to develop games to educate people about the upcoming dangers and threats to humanity, and Donald Trump is really not who we are.

The views expressed in this letter are solely those of the individual author. They do not express the views or endorsement of any named organization