Mom Owned Small Business Community says: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

Mom Owned Small Business Community says: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

As a hard working small business owner (Layla's Persian Food in Madison, WI) and single mom, I invite all of my fellow entrepreneurs, single parents, customers, employees and neighbors to stand together against the racial, religious and gender intolerance that Donald Trump’s policies and hurtful rhetoric spews.

Such bigoted views stand in stark contrast to everything an inclusive community like Madison should represent: individualism, freedom of expression, respect for diversity, compassion and love. Trump’s divisive fear mongering is putting our Latino, Muslim-American, disabled, LGBT and other valued community members at risk. These are our friends, spouses, family, neighbors, employees and customers and they add immense contributions to our country.

As a young man, my father immigrated to Wisconsin from Iran because he rejected the politics of fear, intimidation and absolutism. He was welcomed into the community and started a local retail business which today serves thousands of people from all walks of life. This would have never been possible in his home country.

There is no place for Trump's brand of hate in America. As a small business owner and parent, I try to embody the golden rule in everything I do to set a good example for my son, my employees and customers who hail from a wide variety of backgrounds. Donald Trump stokes fear, anger, bigotry and misguided stereotypes and we must take a strong stand against his policies.

Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is and he doesn’t represent our values.

Why is this important?

I am proud to run a local small business that values diversity, inclusion and tolerance and I try to instill these values to my child and all members of the Wisconsin community. Now we must show that these values are worth standing up for so ensure that Donald Trump's hateful vision for our country never comes to fruition.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

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