The All Americans: "What's at Stake"

Our nation is facing an incredible test on Tuesday, and we all have something at stake.

Over the past months, patriotic Americans from all walks of life brought their voices together with a very simple and powerful message: we believe in the value of diversity, and we won’t sit idly as Donald Trump seeks to divide us up. Defeating Donald Trump at the ballot box on Tuesday represents a victory for our American ideals of compassion, tolerance and openness. It’s a statement of who we are.

Every one of us signing this letter have been personally targeted by Donald Trump and his brand of hate. And it is why we have joined together to fight back. It’s up to us to take a moral stand on behalf of our friends, coworkers, family members and neighbors who have been attacked by Donald Trump and politicians who run on the same platform of intolerance.

Join us this Tuesday and make our voices heard in this historic moment. Find your polling place here:

Standing up to defeat Trump and his brand of politics is not an issue of partisanship. In fact, this is a grassroots movement that includes Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. It’s about all of us coming together in a rare moment of national unity to reject a candidate who has strayed so far away from the values that this country was founded on.

Many of us have never engaged in politics before this election, but we know in our hearts that this moment requires all of us to speak out. Donald Trump has attacked immigrants, veterans, women and people with disabilities. It’s our duty to stand in solidarity with these communities.

When historians reflect back on this moment and what it means for America, they will note the significant grassroots movement of people who came together to reject the politics of hate, division and indecency.

So don’t forget what this election is all about when you head to the polls on Tuesday. It’s about defining ourselves as Americans. And all of us must come together with one voice to say loudly and clearly: Donald Trump is not who we are.

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Thanks for being a part of this movement.

Ibrahim, Belen, Sherri, Humberto and The All Americans

Why is this important?

As a Muslim American veteran who served five years in the U.S. Marine Corps, a Trump presidency, would mean that my family wouldn’t have even been allowed to come to this country, let alone that I would be able to serve and protect the freedoms we hold so dear.

As an undocumented student and Dreamer, a Trump presidency would mean the deportation of some of my closest loved ones and friends. It would mean saying goodbye to the place I call home. It would mean watching my hopes and dreams of earning a higher education and law degree slip away.

As a single mother and a victim of the Trump University scam, I have already lost a lot at the hands of Donald Trump, and I feel compelled to speak up and share my story so Americans know that the promises he’s making, like the ones he made with Trump University, are based on lies.

As a Mexican American my mother who brought me and my siblings to this country when I was three so could experience a life in a country where dreams are easier to reach. I met my husband in high school and in 2014, we were legally married. Immediately after our wedding, I was able to apply to become a legal resident, but my mother and siblings are still undocumented. Donald Trump will not stand for people like us. We fought for our love, we fought to live in a life in a country that acknowledges us for who we are.

The views expressed in this letter are solely those of the individual author. They do not express the views or endorsement of any named organization