The Political Revolution says: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

As a member of The Political Revolution community, I invite all members to stand together against the racial, religious and other intolerance that Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric promotes. It is putting our Latino, Muslim-American, those with disabilities, and other community members directly at risk.

There is no place for this kind of discrimination at The Political Revolution or in America.

As a community, we affirm the values that make us who we are: diversity, openness and compassion.

Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is, and he is not who The Political Revolution is.

Why is this important?

Fighting for progressive values has opened so many of our eyes to the corruption and hate that infiltrate not just our economy, but our government, and most terrible, our communities.

Trump is an avatar for the destruction that has been caused by pay-to-play politics, Tax breaks for the very wealthy and large corporations. He signifies the failures of our government that we mistakenly assign to our neighbors. His bigotry and greed.

We are not Donald Trump. We are not his pathetic attempts to blame our friends and families. We built this country with bold ideas and acceptance, sometimes slowly, sometimes with great difficulty, but we continue to move forward. We did so by allowing those people with the drive and the ambition to join us in this great nation. We built skyscrapers, jet planes, highways, dams, we even went to the moon. None of which could have happened without immigrants.

Donald Trump is exactly Not Who We Are. In fact, he is the opposite of what we should be.

The views expressed in this letter are solely those of the individual author. They do not express the views or endorsement of any named organization