Young Americans say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

Donald Trump does not represent Young America. Young Americans know that love trumps hate. No one, especially young Americans who have witnessed it first hand, likes bullies, and that's exactly what Donald Trump is.

Young Americans know that no one should be discriminated because of race, religion, and sexual orientation. Young Americans know that a person is a person, no matter if they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Gay, Straight, Black, Latino, or White.

Young Americans know that diversity makes America what it is today.

Donald Trump is Not Who Young Americans Are.

Why is this important?

I, as well as many other people, have been a target and a victim of many bullies. Bullies can make people's lives miserable, and can even cause people to commit suicide. Donald Trump is a bully that is known all over the world. It must change. We must defeat him. And together, we can.

Donald Trump is Not Who Young Americans Are.

Reasons for signing

  • We must prevent hate and promote peace — before it is too late.
  • There are many reasons, specific, esoteric, factual and heartfelt, why we must prevent a Trump presidency. But since space is limited, I'd like to say that a man who has repeatedly been accused and indicted for multiple rapes, statutory rape, sexual abuse, violent sexual abuse, and domestic violence, deserves to be punished, stripped of his assets, punished again, and then forgotten.


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